About Us



We (Justin and Bec) have three children. 4 year old Jack, 2 year old Billy and one year old daughter Charli. We are a young family travelling  Australia. We packed up our home and sold up in December 2015 to live the dream!

Justin has worked as a Heavy Duty Mechanic for 15 years, and Bec in nursing and currently studying.

Travelling Australia is something we have always wanted to do. We realised the importance of getting outdoors and spending quality time as a family and thought we’d do it all while exploring Australia. We wanted a change from the daily grind and knew we would be locked into schooling our kids, sport, work and other commitments once they reach school age.

It’s a fantastic lifestyle and the adventures and experiences we have gained are far more valuable than money ever will be! Exploring our beautiful country has seen a huge change in our children. They thrive on the changing environments and we have watched their little personalities become strong, resilient and outgoing. 

We are passionate about family travel and being on the road gives us such enjoyment as well as challenges. We know we canvbring you loads of information on all things travel and caravanning and how to go about starting your own Aussie adventure and what to expect! If you have any questions at all, just contact us and we will be happy to answer. 

Cheers from Justin and Bec.