Groceries and Meals On The Road

So, we did a post recently which entailed our budget breakdown. One of the budget costs involved our grocery bill for our family of five. We were inundated with questions about the cost of our bill - being $280 per week. Some were asking how we keep our bill so affordable and others were gobsmacked at how expensive it was - every family is different. I've noticed our recent grocery shopping has come down to about $230 due to the access of the big chain supermarkets and being back on the east coast and in more populated areas. So I thought I'd do a blog about our groceries and what in particular we feed our family. It's actually a really great questions and FYI we love answering all of your questions and are only to happy to help. So keep them coming!

kids having dinner while watching the sunset at 1770, qld.

kids having dinner while watching the sunset at 1770, qld.

Now, we eat pretty darn well, very healthy (chocolate's healthy yeah?). It's important to us to have a balance of good foods and give our three kids all the proper nutrition they need. I'm no expert, but I just want them fuelled with the good stuff! They sleep well, their behaviour is great (most of the time) and they have plenty of energy, so food is key to a happy healthy child. Our kids don't cope real well on preservatives and sugar so I try to give them very little of this.

One of the common questions we are asked is what exactly do we eat while travelling. So, here is a little breakdown for you.

Breakfast - Porridge (quick oats cost $1.10 for 750g bag - bargain and keeps tummy's full).
Eggs on toast,
Baked beans on toast,                                    

Lunch - Vegemite/ham and cheese Sandwiches,
Chicken & Salad Wraps,
Tuna on Rice Cakes

Bec & Justin - 
Steak (rump) and vege,
Chicken stirfry's,
Fish (caught) and salad,
Mini Roasts,

Kids -
Tuna Bake (costs $11.30 to make and feeds 3 kids for FIVE meals. Amen!) See recipe below!
Zucchini Slice
Spaghetti Bolognase,
Fish and salad,
Snags/chicken and vege,
Ravioli and vege,
Tuna and brown rice (weird eh!),

A quick an easy meal that we prepare all the time on our travels. The whole family LOVES it!!

Kids -
LOADS of fruit - watermelon, grapes, apples, bananas and mandarins as a staple, 
Museli bars,
Rice Wheels,
Pop Corn,
Peanut butter cruskits,
Boiled Eggs,
Rice Cakes

Bec & Justin - 
Muesli bars,
Coffee (pod machine)
Boiled Egg
Rie Cakes

So this is run of the mill meals for us in a week. We love to sneak in some chocolate or ice-cream and biscuits with our cuppa. To spice it up with have a bit of variety we cook up a curry or delicious pasta dish every now and then.

One thing we are grateful for is the size of our fridge and freezer. This hands down is the best way to keep costs down as you aren't visiting the supermarket every day to stock up. We prefer to buy our meat in bulk and will typically purchase a whole rump for $9.99kg, cut it up, pop into sandwich bags and freeze. Same goes with chicken breast, which you can just about buy everywhere in the country for under $9.99kg. We have an engel fridge freezer in our car also, which aids in the storage of meat and meals we've frozen.

We buy all our meat in Bulk when we travel. It saves us heaps of money and we have the room to store it. The caravan has a great sized freezer and the Mazda has a 60 litre Engel in the back and it's always chock full of bulk meat, chicken and fish!!


Buy meat in bulk if you have the room to store.

Freeze kids meals, very handy to pull out of the freezer and microwave after a day exploring. It soon stops those 'hangry' kids and has them fed in no time!

We love making easy meals that feed the tribe in our caravan.. Here's a quick vid of my spag bol recipe that the kids love!!

Check out the local butchers for a great meat deal.

Peraration! If you have lunches and snacks prepared, then you wont have that urge to pull in Macca's drive thru to grab a meal. It's expensive and is guaranteed to make your guts feel a bit OFF afterwards (but it tastes so good at the time)! Do try to pull over at a rest stop or park to feed your family. Vegemite saga's are a hit with our three kids and they also don't hurt your wallet. Cha-Ching!

stopping for lunch! after a quick pic it was time to eat, middle child clealy not happy about waiting for lunch.

stopping for lunch! after a quick pic it was time to eat, middle child clealy not happy about waiting for lunch.

Well I hope this helps with your grocery purchase and meals while travelling Australia. Please let us know if you have any other questions or you'd like more information. Also happy to get together another meal prep vid.

Happy eating :)