The best way to control your finances is to have a budget. It’s a simple tool to see what is going in and out. There are many budget calculating spreadsheets on the internet.

The three biggest expenditures are fuel, food and accommodation. Start by deciding on a timeframe and kilometres travelled for your trip, then you can calculate your fuel expense based on the current dollar. We use an excellent app called 'Fuel Map' and this keeps a record of money spent and kilometres travelled. It will also calculate your L/100km.

A weekly food bill is easily determined by your current grocery bill, although you do need to account for remote areas as groceries tend to be more expensive here.

As for accommodation, deciding on how much you will free camp and how often you will stay in a caravan park will help figure out your dollar figure. For our family travels so far, we have done about 70% caravan parks and 30% free camps. The price of caravan parks in iconic destinations can be pricey at around $55 per night (Broome), not factoring in kids which can be an extra $5-10 per night. Many parks will charge from the age of 4, however, we have come across plenty charging from 2 years. the majority of our trip has been staying at caravan parks. This is purely based on the current weather conditions and factoring in our children, they’re easily impressed with a jumping pillow, playground and a pool. Although you can find some pretty awesome free camp locations that kids will have a ball at! Nothing beats watching your kids play in nature. Sword fighting with sticks or building with rocks, it keeps them occupied for hours!

We do regular budget updates on our big lap and you can see some examples in the sidebar. It's good information for when you commence your trip, wherever it may take you! Check out our Facebook page for more info....

Below is a budget update of our travels after 12 months on the road!!

We think a good amount to work on is $1000 a week on average.. 50-60k for a year!! If you come in under budget "YOU BEAUTY" - Keep Travelling!!
"The three biggest expenditures are fuel, food and accommodation."