The three biggest expenditures are FUEL, FOOD and ACCOMMODATION!

Fuel - To begin, start by deciding on a timeframe for you trip and kilometres travelled, then you can calculate your fuel expense based on the current dollar. We use an excellent app called 'Fuel Map' and this keeps a record of money spent and kilometres travelled as well as L/100km. It will also calculate your averages per fill. 

Food - A weekly food bill is easily determined by your current grocery bill, although you do need to account for remote areas, as groceries tend to be more expensive here. We are a family of five and budget for approximately $230 a week. When in remote areas we expect to pay anywhere from $50-$80 extra per week.

Mataranka and Bitter Springs in the Northern Territory are just 2 of the amazing places you can swim in the crystal clear thermal pools of the Australian Outback. Pure bliss just floating around in this amazing landscape!

We think a good amount to work on is $1000 a week on average.. 50-60k for a year!! If you come in under budget "YOU BEAUTY" - Keep Travelling!!

As for accommodation, deciding on how much you will free camp and how often you will stay in a caravan park will help figure out your dollar figure. For our family travels so far, we have done about 60% caravan parks and 40% free or low cost camps. The price of caravan parks in iconic destinations such as Broome, can be pricey at around $55 per night, not factoring in kids which can be an extra $5-15 per night. Many parks will charge from the age of 4, however, we have come across plenty charging from 2 years of age. 

We have done regular budget updates on our big lap(s) and you can see some examples below. It's good information for when you commence your trip, wherever it may take you!


How awesome is Cable Beach!! You need to watch this and find out! One of our favourite places in the country, we can't wait to get back there again!!


the stats!

Below are our budget stats for our first big lap (plus a 4 month update) and a return trip to Cape York from the Sunshine Coast.


Fuel - $9075 @ 17.8L/100km
Food - $13220
Accom - $9045
Grog - $2470
Coffee - $1440

It has been an amazing year for us as a family. The places we've seen and the time we've had to spend together has been PRICELESS!! 

Other considerations for you lap are insurances, attraction & activities, phone bills & internet, schooling, birthdays, ambulance cover and just 'stuff'. This is why a budget of $1000 per week is realistic for those caravanning the way have. Although much cheaper if you plan to free camp more and eat baked beans haha.

We found a great spot to camp for a night near Lake Argyle in Kunnunnurra, Western Australia. A great creekside camp with a good view and some crystal clear rapids.

after the first 4 MONTHS

Averaging 16.5 L/100km. 
Groceries - $3,360

We've covered 11800km and spent a total of $2290.55 on diesel.

4 Months into our trip

4 Months into our trip



CAPE YORK TRIP — Sunshine Coast to The Tip and back

Total Cost: $2785

Fuel $1461.55 @17.4L/100km
Groceries $600
Jardine river ferry $129
Accommodation $135
Grog $460 🍺

Bloody well worth it to! Wish it could have been longer.!! 15 nights away and 6198km travelled!👍