We eat really well while travelling and nothing has changed since we left home and embarked on our travels. We eat the same foods and prepare the same meals as if we were living back in our home. Moving into our caravan hasn't been a hindrance at all as we have all the comforts of home right in our van!

Our first tip is; if you’ve got a big freezer you’re sorted! Being able to bulk freeze pre prepared meals is so important. You can pull a meal out of the freezer your kids have their favourite meal and you free up your fridge space for fresh foods. Having ready prepared meals to pop into the microwave after a big day exploring, definitely makes for a stress free dinner.

We typically make up a big batch of Pasta bake and Zucchini Slice and pop it into the freezer. It’s a total winner in our household as the kids love it and devour it in seconds. We'll pop this recipe up so you can check it out! We only have two cereals to chose from - Weetbix and Quick Oats, these are cheap and fill little tummy's as well as ours. They're also at every grocery store, city or remote. We stick to sandwiches for our family of 5. Bread can be sourced anywhere and its an easy, cheap meal to prepare when pulled up in that truck stop or down swimming at the beach. As for snacks, we keep these healthy as no one wants a toddler with a sugar high while driving a 500km day.

We pack meals into zip lock bags so they lay flat and this maximizes room in the freezer. This saves on bulky containers stacked in your freezer, due to limited storage, endless containers isn't really an option anyway.

Generally speaking we eat very healthy, so storing fruit and vegetables is essential. We have never have a drama with this as most towns you go through will have a supermarket. So, stocking up with heaps isn’t really necessary at times. However, if you're heading out to a remote spot for a week or two, stocking up on frozen goods will help get you through. We love our meats and fish and typically freeze it, so having a decent size freezer for your family means you can grab a bargain and pack it away without any storage issues.

While driving long distances, food is key! We make up a snack and lunch bag for all. This eliminates the urge to buy garbage food at the servo and swinging through McDonalds. It's expensive to eat takeaway while travelling and you wouldn't believe the money some family's spend in a month (crazy right!) This can be avoided by making you're own lunch on the road. So, stick with a sanga and some fruit!

Our BBQ gets a workout. We cook fish, roast meat, steak, snags, homemade chips and even vegetables. It’s a must to have a Barbie on board and it keeps the husband busy and enjoying a beer. Our BBQ is a swift stainless marine BBQ and it sits on slides that fit in the front hatch. Under the hotplate is a couple of burners, so you can use it as a stovetop as well as a bbq. So, cooking all your meals outside is no drama and very handy when you're free camping with no power.

Our Jurgens Narooma caravan has loads of room to store food, so if we are off the grid for a week or so there is plenty to munch on!

"It’s a must to have a Barbie on board and it keeps your husband busy while enjoying a beer."