When we were about to head off on our trip, we honestly thought we would just use our iPhones for photos. Although, once Jurgens Caravans had given us a sponsorship opportunity, we decided to get a decent camera. So our advice to you is, buy a good camera. It will be the best money you ever spent. Even if we hadn’t become ambassadors for Jurgens, I know we would have eventually bought one after we commenced our trip. You really do capture some amazing snaps. They are precious memories and you’ll have some beaut pictures for your walls at home and for your children to look back on. We currently have a Cannon D750 and find it really easy to use. Previously we had a Nikon, however, the cannon does capture a sharper image. Our big tip is LEARN HOW TO USE IT. It will be a game changer and you won’t believe the image quality!

Our drone was an after addition, something Justin has always wanted to have and it has started a little hobby for him while on the road. As for picking a drone – do your research and decide on a budget for you. Our drone is a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and it was $1200 (money well spent think). It is flown through an App on an iPhone or iPad which is super easy. Images and video can be transferred through the drones wifi or by an adaptor cable to your phone. Or you can remove the micro SD card and put directly onto your computer.