We are a young family of 5 currently travelling Australia and providing advice and reviews for others along the way. We take pride in our photo's and videos and we LOVE it!!!  Our big goal is to help others get on the road with what we've learned along the way!!!

 We sold up and left Newcastle, NSW on Dec 22nd 2015. From there we decided to head north and do the lap anticlockwise. We are so happy with that decision as we missed the migration and crowds of travellers heading north in the winter months. We have had so many amazing places all to ourselves. It has been the best decision ever to travel our Amazing country.

Travelling Australia is something we have always wanted to do, however, we were unsure as to when and how. Once we finally made the call, the house went on the market as we wanted to relocate to be closer to family. Lucky for us, it sold in one day, so our travel plans came about much quicker than we had anticipated. We had the Van and the Car already sorted, so with a mad rush of garage sales and moving things into storage, we were on the road FULL-TIME!! 

We know this website can give others the information and the motivation they need to get out and caravan around Australia. Cheers!!

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