I know, I know, you absolutely love your family and couldn’t be without them. BUT, being with each other every single day of every week without a break, to catch up with friends, grab some alone time, or even go to work. JUST DISAPPEAR!!

Communication is absolute key and being honest enough to tell your husband he’s being an ARSE, could in fact be of advantage. If you find your loved one is frustrated, being short with the kids, anxious and you want to wring his neck. Get him outta there!! Send him fishing, for a drive, for god’s sake take a bike ride around the caravan park! Even for a few minutes but more likely an hour… He’ll come back a new man, a better dad and before you know it, he’ll be farting on their heads again. It’s a huge adjustment for everyone being around each other ALL THE TIME and we need time out now and again.

Same goes for Mum. She needs her downtime. Kids are demanding and we need a break too. TELL your husband and take some time out, go and grab a coffee, go and chat to that mum a few caravans up, gees, just go and treat yourself! However you decide to do it, take some quality time for yourself. Have each others back, be on the same page and before you know it, you’ll be taking it all in and loving your once in a lifetime trip, making some bloody awesome memories.

P.S I said to Justin - “just ducking out for half hour” actually turned into 2hrs, got a pedi, grabbed a coffee, rang my sisters. Came back a fresher mum/wife! 
Love my family and couldn’t be without them!!

Bec x

Bec Lorrimer