Mail While Travelling

When you hit the road, what happens with your mail? How do you receive it? Where do all your bills and written correspondence go?

It’s definitely something that needs to be sorted out prior to leaving on your trip around Australia.

Mail pick up at a Parcel Locker in Cairns.

Mail pick up at a Parcel Locker in Cairns.

Firstly, convert all you paper mail to online this way you will receive it via your email. Plus this way, it’s better for the environment. You may need to allocate a few hours to making some phone calls to do this, however this option is generally available to do so via the company’s website.

Once you have gone paperless, begin to narrow down mail that you don’t really need to receive. For example, mail from a shop advertising a sale. I mean, most do this via socials anyway, so you really shouldn’t need it, nor receive it.


Download the Australia Post app. This is excellent for tracking your deliveries and also adding addresses along the way while you travel. Start up a login, add your details and locate a post office or parcel locker to have your items sent. Online shopping made easy while you travel. Another added bonus is that its super easy if you’re having school work posted out to you for your child.

Aus Post app.

Aus Post app.

Parcel lockers are fantastic, they allow you to have your parcel sent to a locker usually in a CBD meaning you won’t have to enter the Post Office. They are kept in the locker for 48 hours and you will notification via SMS. If you are unable to pick it up in this timeframe, it is sent in to the Post Office. Alternatively, if you wish to pick up some mail, jot down the Post Office address and your unique ID and it will be waiting for you when you arrive in town.

A week before you leave, organise a mail redirection, this ensures you haven’t missed any mail you’d meant to make paperless or redirect. Especially important if you have sold up.

Lastly, if you require paper mail to be sent to you, for example rates/water, have them changed to a family member or friends address. For us, we did a redirection for three months and redirected all our mail to my parents address. I had forgotten to change my Super, so it was as easy as my mum opening up the mail and me ringing them to have it emailed instead.

I hope this has given you some information on how we deal with mail on the road.

Cheers, Bec x

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