💵|To put things in perspective, we'll show you what it actually costs a Family to travel like us at TRIP IN A VAN |

⛽️FUEL - To tow our Setup it costs us around $30per/100km. That's averaging around 18L/100km in fuel economy over the last 43,000km around Australia.(That's just our second Lap)
💵 |Totalling around $12000 for just fuel Alone!! |💵

🍎🍗🥪FOOD - Our avg weekly food bill is $250. |So for 12 months, that = $12,000|💰

🏕ACCOMODATION - 12 months staying in 70% caravan parks & 30% Free Camps cost us $9045. 


🤑How can you save money on your LAP OF OZ???


📝Sign up to Loyalty clubs with the caravan park chains, they are definitely worth it. 

📲Book online where you can, most places give discounts.

🎟Travel Saver cards through your insurance companies, if you take the time to research what's available they can save you a lot of money. 

ℹ️Tourist info centres - get the brochures for the local area your in and they have discount coupons for tours and attractions. 

🏕FREE CAMP where you can, but don't compromise the enjoyment of your trip just to save a few bucks. Caravan parks have some prime real estate around the country and think of how far you've driven to get to there?? It'll cost you a lot more than a nights accommodation to get back there if you skip it being a tight arse!! 🤪


➡️If you have the room, buy in bulk, cook in bulk and freeze meals. It's cheaper and easier than stocking up on the run. 

🐂Buy meat in bulk from local butchers on your way around, a whole rump can be as little as $12 a kilo if you buy it whole. If you buy just a few pieces in Woolies its around $25/kg. Get the butcher to cut it up for you and freeze it in meal size portions.

🏪Stock up at the big chain supermarkets. Plan your major grocery shops in bigger town centres before you head remote/outback - this can save you hundreds. 

**Save on Fuel**

👉Keep your weights down, travel as light as you can. Don't travel with full water tanks unless your going off grid(1 litre of water = 1kg) 
👉Get your tyre pressures right, less rolling resistance means better fuel economy.
👉Find an economical cruising speed - use your vehicles computer info to find out what speed is best for your fuel consumption & stick to it. 
👉Buy Good fuel - Quality fuel will give you better fuel economy, we always use BP and recommend it to everyone. 

So there's some helpful info and tips about what it costs and how to save a few bucks when your travelling Australia. 

If you have any questions at all please hit us up through our social pages or contact us through the website.✌️ WE ARE MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP!!

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