We are sometimes asked how we manage to ‘be intimate’ in a caravan with 3 kids??

So, how do travelling parents manage to have sex with kids in tow. There is a level of complexity being in a confined space that isn’t appreciated by your average parent. What if they wake? Where do we do it?? What if they see us??

But, we manage!! Our sex life has improved significantly since being on the road, we’re less stressed, less tired and have more time to work on our relationship.

You really do just have to deal with having the kids nearby, unfortunately our 3 are too young to be sent to get an ice cream, or leave alone in a playground while we have a sneaky quicky….

Here's some tips on getting all Hot & Heavy in your caravan without it being weird while having the kids on board.

  1. Our number 1 tip is......! It's a lot harder to rock a caravan from front to back than it is from side to side!! When you get into it, make sure the angle of the dangle goes front to back.
  2. BLOKES - get the snip!! It's a lot bloody harder to have a quicky in the bunk room when Johnny has to wear a hat every time he goes to bat!!
  3. Make sure your stabiliser legs are down and crank em a few turns to get a bit of weight on them, this makes a huge difference to help everything inside not shake, rattle and roll!! If the van’s a rocking, don’t come a knocking’… Plus your neighbours will know what you’ve been up to when you greet them the next morning.
  4. BE QUIET….if you can.
  5. Run your kids ragged & Enforce an early bedtime. Being on the road full time means that we are not in holiday mode, it's a lifestyle for us and our kids routinely hit the sack at 7pm. This means Mum & Dad can hit the sack for a rumble, knowing the kids are soundly asleep after a big day swimming, hiking or exploring!
  6. HOT TIP!!! Make sure you have some sort of privacy, you don’t want the kids catching you in the act doing “ VAN YOGA” under the blankets. We have a concertina door that pulls across the bunk room to segregate the kids bunks from the rest of the van..
  7. Go stealth! When your kids are fully distracted, its time for some ‘mummy and daddy time’.                                                                                                                             It can be a pretty romantic scene while you listen to Peppa Pig and have sex, but once you get over this, your sex life on the road will be just fine!

Good Luck getting your Groove on - You might just need it!!!! 

Cheers - Justin & Bec


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