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Although this blondie is a toddler now, she's spent most of her life travelling Oz in a caravan! We hit the road when she was only 6months old!! So here's a few tips we have learnt along the way.

Charli is now 2 and a half!! The van life is all she knows and she loves it!!

Charli is now 2 and a half!! The van life is all she knows and she loves it!!

Sometimes travelling with a baby can be a tough task with. They need loads of attention and constant feeding. But, managing to travel with your bub can also be really enjoyable and rewarding. The outdoors is their biggest playground and you will see their little personalities explode.



All bubs love sleeping on mum/dad so my number 1 tip is to buy an excellent, comfortable baby carrier. We used an ergo, which our baby slept in til 20 months. She also slept soundly on my back when exploring. By far the best thing we have bought for convenience and stress free sleeps. It’s so important to stick to day time sleeps!

We've gone from an ergo to a Kathmandu carrier now that she's grown up. These are more suited to the exploring and hikes that we do now. 



A good baby carrier is essential if you want to explore amazing landmarks around OZ!!


No one likes an overtired, cranky baby. They become restless through the night and ‘witching hour’, 6-7pm is just horrid!! Do whatever you can to enforce a day time sleep. You get a break and your baby wakes happy.

We use our baby carrier for sleeps if we are out and about. Alternatively a pram is ideal as your baby can sleep while you're exploring.

If you are set up for the day near your van, bubs can sleep soundly in their bed or portacot. We can go about our day and she sleeps through the ruckus of her noisy brothers. #itsathirdbabything


We have always had a bedtime routine for our kids, it can be hard at times to get all 3 to go to bed together at the same time, but persistence really does pay off!! Our kids all sleep 7pm-7am most nights. Yes we have a few shockers now and then and we end up with a few kids in our bed, but hey - that happens.

One of the Best bits of technology we have in our van are the Sleepy Starz sleep Clocks!! 

These are a fantastic way to teach your little ones when it's bedtime and when its time to wake up and get out of bed. They are fun, easy to use and they really do work!! For more info on them, just watch the video below. 


It’s been a Great way for our overtired baby to get to sleep, mum and dad get some quiet time and can view the sights, while your baby naps in their car seat. This is the perfect way to chill out a toddler in the midst of a tantrum. It's also a good way to soundproof them, so the you don't disturb the neighbours!!

Our 3 having a nap while dad visits the Bundy factory.

Our 3 having a nap while dad visits the Bundy factory.


I nearly wasn’t going to bring this! Thankfully I did!! It’s not a huge necessity, however it has definitely been handy. We have an Oricom video monitor. There's also some cool apps as well, so you can check your monitor video from your iPhone. I love it purely for the temperature display. The van can get pretty cold some nights and it can get a bit hot when free camping during the day. So I can check the temp and pop our heater on or bunk fans if need be. It makes for a baby who sleeps through the night!!

We have also used it plenty of times when we have gone next door to socialise with other campers. We can lock the van, and I can take the monitor with me and know if she wakes up. Happy days!


When the weather really cranks it up and you get those super hot days in the high 30's and 40's, make sure you keep the little ones cool. We have found with our kids that they just don't handle the crazy heat of a HOT HOT Summer day. They get a bit cranky and out of sorts because they can't regulate their body heat that well. Park up at the beach or a river, fill up a bucket with water  or let them play with a hose. And if you can, book into a powered site and crank the aircon. Most Caravan Parks these days have amazing pool complexes to enjoy and cool off in. 


Perfect on a HOT DAY!

Nobby Beach Holiday Village - Gold Coast QLD. Perfect 


Stick to the routine you typically roll with at home. You’ll have a cruisy bub while on your travels and don’t forget to give them a few weeks to adjust. It's all new to them, so be prepared for some adjustment, including waking through the night a lot and a cranky baby throughout the day. But, Power on through, you'll soon be enjoying a well earned wine! 

The more you travel with your baby the easier it becomes! Plus, your confidence to travel with them will grow. I can honestly say that travelling with her from 6 months old has been hugely beneficial for our little girl.

Cheers - Bec Lorrimer


Happy Babies              


Bec Lorrimer