GEEEES, traveling with a toddler or two can be hectic. But, I'm here to actually tell you how beneficial and awesome it is!

From all those hectic moments where I've questioned my sanity, there's also been some really amazing ones. Our daughter Charli, hit the road when she was the wee age of 6 months. She crawled at the Sunshine Coast, walked in Dampier WA, said her first swear word in Moonta Bay, SA, took off on a scooter in Broome and gave her first thumbs up in Lucky Bay, WA.

4 months before we left on our Lap! Aug 2015. Look how little they are!!

4 months before we left on our Lap! Aug 2015. Look how little they are!!

I've hiked through Karijini National Park with her on my back, climbed a thousand stairs at Kings Canyon holding her and rode around Uluru with her in a toddler seat. We've watched her smash out 4km hikes and become the most resilient little toddler we know!

You might assume from our social media that our Charli is a well behaved toddler. Well your assumptions are wrong! She is demanding, independent, stubborn and generally gets her own way. Which has me blogging about tips for travelling with a toddler.


If your toddler has a day sleep, do whatever you can to keep them on one this routine. No-one likes an over tired, cranky toddler. We always make sure she has a day sleep as this get her through to 7pm and sleeping soundly at night. If you're out and about have your carrier or pram with you. They'll soon learn to sleep anywhere ad everywhere!



Snacks, snacks, snacks! Snacks are how you keep a toddler happy and busy while in the car. Fruit, cruskits, muesli bars, rice cakes, whatever keeps them quiet. Hopefully they'll eat enough to slip into a food coma! Theres a never ending amount of food and wrappers at my feet grrrrr.


On the topic of car travel, do try and time your travel with your toddlers sleep. Let me tell you, its an extremely peaceful drive when you have a toddler or two down and out for a couple of hours!

Car naps make for a peaceful travel.

Car naps make for a peaceful travel.


We'd definitely recommend investing in an iPad or tablet for your kids. They’re a source of entertainment that’s compact and lightweight enough for travel. Not only can the kids watch their favourite TV shows but they can also learn through educational apps as well, making it a win-win situation for all. Plus, we get a break while the kids are occupied too!

Some iPad time while in a tent at Cape York, QLD.

Some iPad time while in a tent at Cape York, QLD.


Patience is a virtue – especially when you’re on the road. Kids love to explore and they don’t understand the pressures of time when you’re travelling. Remember to slow down and factor into your plans the toilet stops, smelling of flowers, spotting bugs and those toddler tantrums. Keep your cool and the kids will too.



When travelling Australia, you'll want to keep to your budget as best you can. So, when doing all of your activities and attractions, they're generally FREE! For most of our lap(s) we never paid for child entry. How good's that!


Do your research when looking into doing an attraction or activity. We have had a couple of hiccups where we didn't and have ended up having a bad experience. Do find out how many km's a walk is as well as the terrain and make sure you're not in for an hour guided tour (toddlers and tours should not be in the same sentence). Find something that your toddler can do at their own pace and not have to keep quiet!

Cape Leveque, WA. So close these three.

Cape Leveque, WA. So close these three.

So there you have it. My top tips for travelling with a toddler or two! 

Bec Lorrimer