Here is our experience, how we do it and our recommendations!

Having a pet is like another child. A fur child. We have had our dog/s for over 6 years and our kids have grown up with them. Grown to love them and have a special bond that they adore. So, now you're leaving on your epic road trip with your family and want to take the dog!! You can't possibly leave your pet at home. It's heartbreaking right!?

Our 2 border collies travel in the back of our Mazda BT50. The canopy fitted has windows we keep open so that they don't get hot. Once we pull up to a dog friendly caravan park, our dogs have to go onto a lead which we really hate. Although there are loads of pet friendly parks around Australia, most do not offer an off leash area nearby or the beach out front is not dog friendly. In addition to your kids wanting to head down to the beach, what do you do with your dog? It is park policy that u cannot leave you dog at your caravan unattended. 

If there were activities we want to do, we put them into a pet sitter. We find this really hard to put full trust into the sitters and if there house/yard isn't up to scratch you spend the whole time worrying about your dogs.

Let us tell you. Although the idea of having a dog on board is amazing, it definitely comes with its challenges. You're stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

But if you want to experience ALL that Australia has to offer, we recommend leaving your beloved pooch with family or friends. For us, we loved having our dogs with us but it was the restrictions we didn't expect. National Parks do not allow dogs to enter, so yes, you can pop them into a kennel but that is added cost and stress on you and your dog. Visiting a cave or wildlife park is a real challenge and you tend to skip it due to your dog situation. We aren't a fan of leaving our dogs tied up in the back of the ute while out exploring. 

This is our favourite swimming holes around Australia, from our travels in 2017. Amazing, Epic, Stunning!!!!! WOW!!

Dogs don't have a good perception of time and they don't forget you. You get the same reaction from them when you return if your away for a week or for a year! 

So, go and enjoy your trip travelling Australia and your dogs will still love you when you get back!!